Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Starting Afresh

I'm not going to beat around the bush here. A lot has happened the last few months, mainly real-life things which in themselves were a Shattering / Cataclysm. However I'll be elucidating a lot more on this in my new gold blog, The Midas Touch.
Hopefully I'll be a more consistent poster now that I have much more time on my hands these days. The blog is in a very basic state right now and I'm busy writing a catalogue of posts to have a good base from which to move forward from.
See you on the other side.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Return of the Mag.

About 6 weeks ago I hit the 500k mark. A little later than expected but I took a back seat and had to deal with a lot of RL issues. However over the coming few weeks I shall start to pontificate again on making copious amounts of gold and on what me experiences are as we approach and enter Cataclysm.

Word spread of my achievements on Emerald Dream and now I have more competition that I would have liked but I'm loving the challenge. It's not a last man standing scenario but it will be interesting to see how many of them are committed to surging forth once the expansion arrives. I'm ready for it but are they? Time will tell.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Busy Being Busy

Here's what I've been doing since my last post on here. I will however be reviving this blog in the very near future, hopefully in conjunction with my server's unofficial blog Emeralddreamers.


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A Fool and his Money....

are easily parted. Yesterday evening a kind frivilous soul bought out all my Endless Rages (45g) and Stonebloods (40g) and decided to relist them all singularly at 70g apiece. A nice and handy 3k and even handier for me as I immediately relisted a similar number of flasks at my original price. I was tempted to up them again as that was all that were there at the time but why gild the lily when it's already beautiful to look at?
I've dabbled ina spot of flipping the last few days, mainly on Thorium ore and crusader orbs. I accrued about 12 Orbs at 160g roughly and sold them for 200, handy money again. The thorium is a long game. There's never any rush to sell the stuff so I'm not posting it until I'm 100% sure I can get 60g a stack, 100% profit or nothing in that game. It's one of the few items I profess to being a little greedy about.
The glyph machine is starting back up again, although I could really do without spending the time milling. The major hassle I can't stand though with crafting glyphs is the havoc is plays with my fps. It wanders all over the place during production and I'm not sure yet how best to resolve this. It's even bad in Undercity.
Lastly for today, I want to mention new patch day. PvP gear time and the gems, scrolls and armors that accompany that. I rustled up a shedload of Empowered and Durable Ametrines as well as the equivalents Topaz's. A few Mystics as well. Will be interesting to see who that pans out as it's the first major Arena Patch I have dealt with since starting.
Oh and http://azerothchat.com/ - a few new posts for yer reading pleasure are now available.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Shatter that Crystal!

Abyss crystal prices are plummeting. Recent scans of the AH are showing me that more and more of the bleedin' things are going for 25g and under which once upon a time would have been excellent news if ye were in the scroll market. Yet as I mentioned before that market is dropping like Belle du Jour's frilly knickers: fast and often. Mind you unlike Belle, there ain't much money anymore in scrolls. Sadly as infinite dust is also at stupid prices on my server, shattering the abyss is not exactly profitable either.
However it's still decent money that can be achieved by shattering void crystals into Large Prismatics. Remember in an old post I managed to accrue oodles of voids at 6g apiece. Well currently I'm selling prismatics at 6g apiece. 100% profit. I will admit however that it is a slow process but one that is still a consistent bringer of the dough and I have mde my initial outlay back with plenty remaining for shattering. At one point I was selling the shards for 11g! Nice but bear in mind I also had to sell some at 4g. Still a profit mind.

On a side note again, uncut gems are slowly returning to pre3.3 prices. No complaints there especially as cut gems are not as quick to follow suit. It's only a matter of time but striking whilst the iron's still hot is advisable.

Oh, and the goblins are pissed off and need your help at http://azerothchat.com/

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Busy as a bee

A short update on what's been happening.
Outside of the game I'm still scribbling and penning away on http://azerothchat.com/ . It's takign up more time than previously expected but so far I'm enjoying the challenege of coming up with a new story almost every day. Mind you, the latest story, which was intended for yesterday overran a little and became a beast of an entry. It's turning into a saga that particular tale so I'm going to keep running with it. Hopefully I can keep the others as standalone affairs.
Ingame has been rather quiet. Raiding wise we managed to smack down 3 bosses in ICC10 which for aguild of our size is fairly decent. We only raid Thursdays and Sundays but progress is looking up.
I've started accumulating herbs again and beginning the milling process in advance of Cataclysm. I've let me previously substantial stocks of glyphs run down dramatically. TO be honest I wasn't arsed to keep relisting and makign new ones so am doing bugger all business glyph wise. But I'll continue buying out all cheap stacks I can. (They're only going to get more expensive once x-pac arrives so I might as well grab 'em now)
At this moment in time I have about 4000 azurepiggies to craft into inks but that's not a major issue. When I find the time (who knows when!!) then I'll start reglyphing, with the intention of making 15-20 of all cheaper/less productive glyphs and upwards of 50 profitable/top sellers. That's the aim.

I have a couple of alts lurking around the 65-70 lvl so I may look to gettign them up to 75 to max profs in advance of Cata. I could really use two alchemists maxed. One for Flasks (already in operation) and one for mutations. Better to have this done now rather than experience the pain of levelling them after Cata.
And for badness, I've dropped the prices of Scrolls on some of my items to below the price of mats, just to piss a few people off. When I see them posting BErserking Enchants for less than the price of the abyss crystals then that gets my back up. Well for the hell of it I halved the prices again on all Abyss Crystal scrolls. I have 300 Abyss Crystals in my bags, not a huge amount, but one which will allow me to be machiavellian for a week or so.